by Birgit Pestal


“I am here to capture you,” said the tuner.

“Again? Really? You can’t make me, you can’t taim me and for sure you will never capture me, ” said the runaway harmonic.

” Am begging you, be my quest”.

“Is this a joke?”

“Any chance?”

“No. Idiot!”

• • •

Tuner: „I promise to be nice.”

Fifth: “l promise to be nasty.”

Tuner: “All your friends are here already!”

Fifth: “And family too? No thanks.”

Tuner: “You have to follow your path, ánd this is the right path.”

Fifth: “F* yourself.”

Tuner: ” Well. First you let me fix you”

Fifth: “I am a free partial. I do what I want. I dont need fixing ,”

Tuner: “You are not aligned to 440hz.”

Fifth: „Ja. F* that too”.

• • •

Tuner: „Your life will be so much more meaningful . Please come.”

Fifth: „Even if this would be an option , i cant do anything exciting as long as the fundamental is not doing its job.”

Fundamental: „Leave me out of this please.”

Tuner to Fundamental: „I want you to have a relationship with all the others . I command you!”

Fundamental: “Thehehe!  Ya. go on. Give me commands. Sure. ”

Fifth:  “So naive. So sweet. Very clueless. I am out of here!”

Tuner: „ Please stay, please…!”

Tuner: “Come back!”

Fundamental: “I could need a drink. Where is octave…?.”

Tuner: „Ahm, uh, just asleep. Please, relax! I am sure she comes back and as well Fifth.”

• • •

5 mins pass

Fundamental: “Oh. There. I felt smth. i defintley felt smth.”

Octave: “Hello everyone. Where is the party?”

Tuner: “You dont look very good. Let me find you a seat.”

Octave: “Am i splitted? I see everything two times.”

Octaveshade: “Am i splitted? I also see everything two times.”

Fundamental: “I shouldnt have had that last drink.”

Tuner: “Just Please dont vomit.”

Fifth: “What? Why are you getting me in here again now? This is no place to stay! ”

Octaveshade: “I am so stiff down there. And I think i really don’t belong here.”

Second Octave: “Could the fundamental please stop vomiting? And damnit put the volume down, we are trying to sleep up here…”

Fifth: “Please i need to go! Let me go!  i have catch a flight. Really!”

Tuner: “Could everyone please relax for a second!!!”

• • •

Octaveshade: “I am out of here.”

Octave: “My brother where are thou…”

Fifth: “i missed my flight because of you!”

Tuner: “If you just could be happy for a moment”

Fundamental: “I am too high.”

Fifth: “I am too low.”

Octave: “I am lonesome and a bit sad. i liked shadowoctave.”

Second Octave to Octave: “Hello, Hello. i think we can do something about that…”

Tuner: “Some more hits and we are done.”

Fifth: “I hear angels singing, are these the much higher ones?”

Fundamental: “Yes, thats them. Wow.”

Fifth: “Oh Wow. It is beautyful. Really.”

Tuner: “Told ya.”





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