Hello and thanks for beeing interested in my painted art. i painted some versions of such “flying castels” during corona shutdown. This here has maybe the most details. It was during this big Corona-related overall depression, that i felt to paint ‘unreachable far away’ locations – with a lot of details and maybe a lot to think about.

So- In admiration of a well known “pneumatic” poem about steeltuning, which was composed  in another time, i would like to share one of my semiserious visualisations of the term “Cathedral”  – which is the last word of the poem, describing the last steps of tuning one note. Maybe the term also somehow fits for this feeling that a tuner gets during the last hammerblows – when finalizing a whole instrument. As far as i can tell, it can be a somehow spiritual revelation to archieve this state of balance and harmony- personally i would therfor call it rather “temple” then using  this religious/christian term of “Cathedral”.  But the term maybe also underlines that the poem came out of a european tradition (in fact the poem is from european Steeltuning Pioneers in Swiss- PANArt). But regardless of religion:

i wanted to somehow ‘describe’ the complexity of tuning and maybe also the (sometimes) weird and (always) complex emotions, that i have during finalizing  a whole instrument.

I call the series of pictures – with some irony indeed- “ivory towers” – meaning that science and also art should not hide above the clouds nor be unaware of it’s social impact or responsibilities. Also i think the pure power of inspiration of both art and science should not be underestimated: inspiration is maybe the biggest power and can give us also wings to make the world a better place. Inspiration is the drive for maybe every movement.

Anyway – I hope very much you enjoy the attempt and maybe get the idea behind it – despite it is actually an allover weird vehicle- and one maybe wouldnt want to really step inside such an architecture 😉