Hand Pans at PAN LAB are created in series. The current eighth series is entitled:




Despite legal uncertainties (copyright dispute /since 2020)- the brass sound research in the PLV continues!
Our goal: coherence.

“Coherence: the situation when the parts of something fit together in a natural or reasonable way”.


Criteria of this series:

  • Production: Birgit Pestal
  • More notes – in completely new scales and layouts
  • Notes also on the bottom side (Bottomnotes)
  • Special designs possible
  • Prices and scales vary (between €1440-3000+)
  • Almost 100 different scales have been built so far (see scales – portfolio)
  • Designs and special requests possible when ordering
  • Each pan comes with edgeprotection, care set, logbook (certificate), label inside
  • We also include a simple carrying bag. However, there are better backpack models available for purchase locally.
  • First tuning service is free (checkup recommended after two years)
  • Shipping is possible within the EU / advice available via video chat (Signal/Telegram/Skype)


Some background thoughts about terminology:

Maybe some of you noticed already: We do not use the word “Soundsculpture” anymore since a long while actually- cause the term has somehow become part of an ugly juristical debate (since 2020) and for us thereby lost attractivness..
Also we decided to not anymore use the Word HANDPAN in one word but seperated the word to create a little more space for imaginative thinking: HAND PAN. By this we hope that the relation of the bare Hand and the spheric steelinstrument, which has its roots in Trinidad/Tobago (the Steelpan- played with sticks), is underlined. Maybe there are more Makers who are doing that – or will be in future.


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