Dear readers,

To protect people from CORONA high risk groups we ask everyone to respect the exisiting ban on going out.

PAN LAB dates in march have been canceled and also dates for april are about to be canceled. But anyway – we luckily can continue our tuning work and there are actually some very sweet scales coming up and available soon (like e.g.: Polaris, Witching Hour, Pygmy, Bluebird, Qian Kun and Romanian Hijaz)

You are welcome to get in touch with Thomas Ender  at our „Handpanhotline“ if you are interested in PAN LAB Handpans: +43 660 26 73 509 , also „Whatsapp“, or mail: We can provide you with videochat, videolessons and also shipping of handpans.

Meanwhile we are polishing our handpans – to make sure they are NOT contagious (meanting contagious in that bad way!). We also recommend all handpan holders to clean not only your hands but also your pans a bit more enthusiastically – since this virus is likely also to survive on metal for a while.

Wishing you best health and a pleasant as possible retreat time!

Stay home & please stay tuned

Birgit Pestal