Finetuning Chair


During Finetuning we usually put the closed instrument on our lap and have to strike also from inside – and do very specific hammerblows. The riddle of how to sit is to be solved individually by a tuner, sometimes on the high cost of the very valuable spinal discs. To spare the spine we developed this chair with the idea of 3 basic positions:

  1. Kneeing – in combination with FETSI no weight on the lap anymore at all.
  2. Sitting– tuning with relaxed spine, pan on the lap (as usual, meaning without Fetsi). 
  3. Relaxing– full relaxation mode, with or without pan on the lap.

The foot-board and the sitting-board are adjustable .

Name: The name “Fetsel” roots from “Fetsi” (the letters used in the term “Finetuningstation”) and the austrian word for chair “Sessel”.

This dummy was designed to measure all the important gaps and distances.

Important note: We are NOT selling “Fetsel” but sharing only this idea to the maker community. If you are a tuner yourself and are interested in building a Fetsel for yourself you can for free request our files and plans: just mail us.

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