With a slapfield for playing like a drum or a tabla

“Pandrum” is a nicely invented term from Birgit and Marcel for a new kind of instruments, similar to handpans, but not with a full scale (one note is missing).

One of the notes has been cut out and sealed and fixed with a playable slapfield which sounds a bit like tabla or drum. One can find new playing techniques with it and have certainly a lot of fun. One has to try it out for oneselve. The color for the slapfield can be adapted individually, per se it is white. The bottomshell looks like the typical Handpanbottom.

Now and then Pandrums are available for testing and buying at PAN LAB.

Sidenote: Yes- You can play this instrument like a drum…therfor also the name. But be reminded that Handpans are per se not drums but sensitive soundsculptures which are not unfolding their magic when played only loud and powerful! Pandrums can give you a little bit of both worlds maybe…