UPDATE (2022): please contact us if you are interested in renting

We decided to rent Handpans for free in the neighbourhood in march, when the corona crisis started, and only neighbours, who have been walking by, were able to see the ad in our window. We just passed a handpan to them through the window (this was a good cheer up for everyone actually! we placed a chair in front of the window – and let them choose a pan) .

We know the handpan is an extraordinary nice quarantine-companion during these hard times… After the Corona-restrictions have been opened up a bit we also opened the renting for whole Vienna.

So- If you live in Vienna or closeby – you can just contact us, schedule a date and choose a handpan for rental without charge.

Rental time: 1 week up to 10 days (after that free period we will have to charge a very little fee /per day).

Deposit: full price (€1200,–2220,- depending on scale) via Bank-transfer or cash. You get a receipt, which can be easily turned into a invoice in case you want to keep the instrument after the rental.

We need your contact information and you will need to sign a contract, saying in short that in case of loss or critical damage you are liable with the deposit.

You will get a quick introduction for playing, safety, transport and care. We provide you with a bag for transport.

We close the free rental end of may, meaning all rented pans should be back end of may.

+ PAN LAB Vienna is also supporting  musicians, who can produce (with their own equipment) a Handpdan Video with high quality sound for us. Musicians do not have to deposit money for an instrument, but are liable with their good names.

One example for a handpan, which is now available for renting: “Polaris”

Detailed info is available in the german section of this site.