This must have been the biggest GRIASDI Festival so far. BIG Congratz to the organisers – Martin Zoepfl and the Böllerbauer Team!! Beautiful concerts, workshops, instruments, but maybe most important: connections with people from all over the world.

Confession: The PAN LAB was maybe a bit of a chaos this time: I couldn’t bring a tent this year …so I had to move each day from one available place to the next, always transporting also the set of 5 Handpans (5 fitting instuments in different modes).
Also of course I had to be all over the place as much as possible….that was really tricky since there must have been something like 800 visitors and around 25 makers to catch up with. This wouldn’t have been possible for me without help from dear friends and spontaneous Griasdian sweethearts – who also took care of my instruments now and then.

BTW: besides many other interesting instruments there was a B1 Handpan at the festival tuned by Zachary from Leafpan, I guess that must be the current world record in terms of low…!

But yes, time was really too short….I was overwhelmed many times and also couldn’t carry out all the things that I had planned…including making videos. But there were some really nice jams with the set. (By any chance: Does anyone have more high quality videos from the Set-Jams to share?  If yes: please get in touch!)

THANKS especially to everyone who tried out the set. I really wish I could share this feeling… when you leave your handmade instruments somewhere, and then come back later and there are actually people making exciting soundscapes with them… creating something completely original. This feeling is worth all the hard work!
To create something …and by this inspire others to also create… it is really bliss!

stay tuned,


PS: Here is a nice Griasdi 2022 fotoalbum by Grzegorz Adamek!