Thanks for your kind interest in purchasing a handpan from PAN LAB Vienna.

Available instruments: Situation is changing a lot because handpans are produced slowly, sometimes rented and also sometimes they are reserved. You can get information about which handpans are directly available from Marcel +43-6506677384 (reachable from Mo-Fr, 10am – 5pm) or (but please consider that mail takes more time for us to anwser).  You can also make an appointment for your visit at PLV with Marcel.

Prices? Depending on number of notes, quality and production cost the price for an instrument can vary. The price for an instrument with 8+1 Notes has many times been €1980,-  including 20% tax and supplies.

Supplies? Pans are coming with a backpack softcase, edge protection, microfiber-clothe and a protection sheet.

Waiting list? For our tuner it is important for now to work without pressure and therfor we are not providing the waitinglist option officially. You can anyway message us your desired scale. In case the scale is build we will inform you and invite you to have a look. There will be no pressure for you to buy it.

Invoice? You will get your invoice via mail. We will need your contactinformation for making the correct invoice, including full name, adress, mail.

Payment? At the moment we can only accept money transfer via bank account. If you right away want to take a pan with you please bring your onlinebanking data with you and do the transfer live here on your mobile or on our PC. Otherwise you will have to come again to pick your instrument up, since we can only give away an instrument if payment is confirmed.

Shipping? Sorry, at the moment we can not provide shipping, maybe somtimes soon.

Playing/Trying? For Beginnerworkshops at PLV for one or two persons please contact Marcel and make your appointment +43-6506677384 (reachable from Mo-Fr, 10am – 5pm).  We also provide now and then playing Workshops for small groups. They are announced in the german section of this website and also on,  where you can find a lot more other playing workshops as well (Just fyi: is a project issued by PLV).