How to to tune a note

…with humour and some math

Ok. Maybe its only me who will find this funny. But i do. A lot acutally. I came up with this stupid joke a while ago and just found this paper during a spring clean up at PAN LAB XD

According to this unserious PAN LAB Paper some notes are very easy to understand… since we have the formular from physics already since long time. The note F is really easy (Force, Newton), E is a bit more complex cause it contains lightspeed but thanks to Einstein we know exactly about c (the mysterious C flat) and thanks to Max Planck we can measure h (B flat) … i leave it to your creativity to make further connections 😀

So it seems basically tuning a handpan is dealing with force, gravity, timespace, quantumphysics and the geometry of circle and ellipsis of course. For the practical part you will basically need a hammer, shell and tuningring 🙂

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PS. A serious post about how to tune a handpan note will come up maybe sometimes. Research has grown quite big at PAN LAB Vienna, but still tricky to boil it down!

Hope you enjoy this one anyway.