Prototyping since 2016

This handpan series is ongoing

Welcome to this growing prototype zone of the PLV website! Many people keep asking me about my story of learning the art of steeltuning. This is why some milestones will be put online here. Finally! Thanks for your kind interest. This section is to be updated now and then.

Btw: Handpans at PLV are coming in series. Since 2018 some handpan series  have been created (DIOTIMA , BINGEN and RUMI) . But next to the series, which are defined by certain specific criteria and workflows, now and then experiments take place – under the title of “PAN LAB Prototypes”.

Below you will find pictures and videos arround the process of building my first handpan prototypes. It was possible because i was very stubborn first of all, willing to not give up. But the truth is, it would have still remained quite impossible, was there no help from other makers, who welcomed me to visit and inspired me to go on.

I was visiting many pan craft-workshops in europe and was meeting also many other players at festivals. It would be easy to say that the handpan-world was nearly eating me up at that time- but its not true- i was having a ‘normal’ life (also with friends outside the handpan-family) and had my own webdesign company (yourmedia) running all that time – and was working really hard to make extra-time for this quite expensive hobby, or lets call it a “way of the heart”.



in early autumn 2016 Birgit was building the first Prototype with a lot of help from Matthieu Mark at Shellopan FabLab.
Birgit building the second Prototype with only a little bit help and a lot of ducks “laughing” at her, one visible in the pic.
The third prototype was “tuned” by Birgit in her broom-closet. But without tuning ring, So the shell jumped arround in this carwheel. Luckily enough appartment-neighbours just have been very supportive with this whole crazy idea.
The fourth prototype was completed in this soundproofing-chamber, which Birgit placed in her living room. The chamber was found for free on a fleemarket website by Adrian and till today is of great help.

The Tuningstation was a big gamechanger for the tuning experience – of course! Constructor Martin Daschütz also gave her a beautyful name btw.: We call her “Tunerbell“. From here the real journey started…


To be continued…