created with a hammer and passion

At PAN LAB Handpans are manifactured. So yes: Everything you can play here was also crafted right here!

All the details of those instruments are step by step studied in depth here, and thats why it is  called PAN LAB.

PAN LAB Initiator and Tuner Birgit Pestal is a former scientist, journalist and also webdesigner – that might explain, why you can explore her handpan passion all over this website in quite many and still growing details.

So: If you want to try different handpan-scales you are totally right at PAN LAB Vienna.  We do have a really broad scale-portfolio and always keep some for your comparision – and also for playing workshops and classes.

If you want to try different handpan “brands” and compare them – no! sorry- thats not here. Take good care on your journey and beware of fraud. You maybe want to give also a thought about who will later tune or maintain your instrument.