Co-Creation made it possible

Many Thanks to…

everyone who deepened my understanding of steelsound and the history and context of those instruments. Bringing this project – as an research and art institute- really into existence is an ongoing process.

Thanks to Severin for borrowing me his free integral Hang so many times, esp. in 2015. Thanks to Manfred Sperling (Innersound) and Peter Gugger for introducing the handpan variety to me in Tessin.
Thanks to Martin Zoepfl ( for creating in 2016 the first spaces where i could meet a lot of other passionate players and jam with so many different people.
Thanks to everyone who participated at “Peace ‘n’ Pans”!
Thank you Matthieu Mark (Shellopan) for introducing the hammer to me in 2016 and inspiring me on so many levels. Thanks to the tuning artists who let me get a glimpse of their unique ways to work: Clemens Handschuch (Soulshine), Daniel und Christina Berger (Deepan), Darren Dyke (Pancycle /Halo), Mayuko (Elfpan), Jean Francois (Meraki), Delfinkaa, Karumi, Zachary (Leafpan),  Marek Lenart (Mishte), Milan Singing Steel, Pandakini, Hannah (Atlas Handpans), Kristof Carniwal, Niels und Moritz (Nimo Handpans), Marti Gronmayer (Sunpan), Marius, Guilio.
Thanks to the musicians and musical teachers who visited and shared their music: Nadine Stanilewicz (Handpan Akademie), Daniel Giordani (Rhytmotop), Christian Amín Vàrkonyi, Alexandre Lora, Bernhard Weiss, Antonio Escobar, David Kaetz, Peter Gabis, Koji Matsumoto, Archer & Tripp, David Hauser, Niklas Satanik,  Daniela Suko.
Thanks to my family who is supporting me in realizing the  PAN LAB Vienna Project at such an extraordinary location. Thanks to Ernestine Schwarz (R.I.P.), Ingrid Pestal, Heidelinde Fial, Lydia Garnitschnig, Amelie Fial,Karl Garnitschnig, Ing.Werner Zechmeister, Hartwig Schönegger.
Thanks to Ing. Martin Grabner and Ing. Martin Daschütz for not only the professional tool development-help but also for taking care for the safety and ergonomy of all the workingstations – and as well supervising the houserenovation. Thanks to acoustic physician Bernd Quiring for having such a close look to the house and workshop and providing a comprehensive evaluation for soundimprovement and noisereduction.
Great many thanks to Thomas Ender and Marcel Hintner for your support, care and friendship.
Thanks also to Michi Hyko Santos, Georg Ch., Adrian K., Nora Kurzweil, Flex, Andy, Apo, Denis, Victor, Dani F, Manu B.

Thanks to PANArt for their innovation and publications.  Thanks to the “Hang”(R) – it was teaching me so much without words.

My biggest thanks with greatest respect to the people who invented, brought forward and developed the steelpan music and tuning art in Trinidad and Tobago.

I like to thank really everyone who was visiting PAN LAB so far. It is a bliss to have so much international exchange and people from all directions and all kind of professions and skills coming together under the shared love for steelsound.

Thanks to the visitors, who where playing here for handpan lessons or workshops since 2017 – or also bought my creations here. You all helped minimizing the debt of the house and also bringing renovation further.

All this would have been not possible, was there no help from Markus Chvojka and Karin Gerbrich, who supported the critical times of moving into the house and taking care of more then 100 webdesign clients by my company “yourmedia”.  In this everchanging IT-world both of you have been most reliable and professional. Thanks also to all my webdesign-clients who kept trust in “yourmedia” during the big changes.

Thanks to everyone who was supporting me or told me that i am brave.

stay tuned