Could it be that the shape of the universe corresponds with the shape of a note on a handpan?

As Handpan makers we find the “hyperbolic paraboloid” again and again to be a highly meaningful guideline if we want to tune a note.

This is basically the shape of a cowboyhat or a Pringle-chip. Another word used is “anticlastic”. It has been t refered to in endless many forumdiscussions and  in Steel-Tuning literature.

Well: You can eg read about the curvature of the universe on Wikipedia:


The hyperbolic paraboloid is basically one of three options mentioned. Considering this shape i guess the followup question could be: Is someone tuning the universe? And if yes: How big is the hammer and the hand holding it? And to which pitch? And, hum: Do steeltuners maybe get a tiny fraction glimpse of that bigger picture when they tune with the help of this shape (presumambly actually not, but many makers i guess would at least agree, that it feels soo very right, when a tune is right 😉



checking note-curvature

PS: Since this content is rather more fantastic then factual i hashtag it with #panfiction

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