“Hope” is always there

the PAN LAB LOLcat gallery

“HOPE” – this is neighbours cat with bulgarian passport. Since ever she wanted to live at the sweet house and garden at Floridusgasse 24, but which was impossible for her – due to a little black dog who used to protect this house – befor Birgit moved here. But once the way was clear “Hope” came here everyday. Meanwhile the neighbour is bringing food for her too- so it seems she won. Her hobby is to “stalk” Handpan Maker Birgit whenever she can. We started to call her also “guardian of order” because possible dangerous things, tools or fluids are always kept away for her sake.

In the sense of “find hope” a lot of pictures have been shot, for your amusement and also to have a little tour through the PAN LAB.

Hope is always there!

stay tuned


Update 2022: Some Panlabians have recently created a Instagram for Hope