Fifth Handpan series

by Birgit Pestal (2019)

TZU Handpan series

tzu1-c#pygmy-smTZU #SN1 

Scale: C# Pygmy


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tzu2-d-voyager-SMTZU #SN2  

Scale: D-Voyager







tzu3-sm-handpanTZU #SN3 

Scale: D Voyager








tzu4-ajagari-handpan-SMTZU #SN4 

Scale: E- Ajagari

E A B C# D# E F# G# A


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tzu6-annaziska-handpan-SMTZU #SN5 

Scale: C# Annaziska (Kurd)









d-celtic-432hz-tzu-handpan-smTZU #SN6 

Scale: D – Celtic in 432hz








tzu-ziska-handpan-smTZU #SN7 

Scale: Ziska




f-equinox-tzu-handpan-smTZU #SN8

Scale: F-Equinox


hijaz-handpan-scale-tzu-smTZU #SN9 

Scale: D-Hijaz

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sabye-handpan-scale-smTZU #SN10 

Scale: E-Sabye

E (F#) A B C# D# E F# G# B


cis-pygmy-handpan-scale-SMTZU #SN11 

Scale: C# Pygmy



klezmara-handpan-scale-tzu-SMTZU #SN12 

Scale: C – Klezmara




More pans are coming soon or already available- Please check at the german section of this site


Earlier Handpan series have been characterized by changes in tools and calculations- and also experiments with stainless steel have been done during the last series (BAKER). For this series, dedicated to the chinese master Lao Tzu, now the best of my research results come together. Handpans for this series are created in a continuious flow and the working-steps are floating harmonically. Also with the steel i decided to stay with my established material, which is shimmering in shades of blue, depending on the light. The center note can be made as inpex or dome, both offering different qualities to the player

PAN LAB Soundsculptures from the series TZU are branded with a label inside, including scale info, printed on a vintage-look paper.

Terms & conditions

We are very thankful that you are attracted by the quality of the Pans made at PAN LAB! Anyway it is important for you to understand that handpan-making is a relativly fresh handicraft in europe and also btw. has no formal reglementation in austria (like for instance the violine building). There are of course certain ‚inofficial‘ standards and it seems PAN LAB Pans overall can meet this standards well. This means that also other tuners should be able to retune our pans.

Please note:  I cannot guarantee the stability of the tuned notes. It is only experience over the last 3 years from which i can honestly say that i think they will be very stable and as an prospective buyer you will have to agree on that risk.  It is a sensitive topic – but as well is tuning of a note. It will be maybe an important quality criteria for handpans in future also, if a form of maintenance is provided.

I do recommend to have a look at the instrument after a year or two. The suggested prices for a tuning service is €50-200,- and was arranged with free donation base so far.  I would be of course very happy to be able to provide tuning service for free – but one really has to have a look at each case when time comes. So far experience is very good and also never a note was lost during tuningservices. Anyway I can not take any risks for loosing notes during tuningservices. A stressfree atmosphere for high quality tuning is key.

In a ‚best practice-sense‘ i very much like to offer free tuningservice in case you want to sell your instrument!

Pick Up at Vienna

We love to meet the future players of our instruments in person and also – if interested- provide them with a little tour through the making-workshop.


Shipping (EU)

Thanks for your many international requests.

The idea of and buying an music instrument without ever holding it in your hands before- this idea is just not very much supported at PAN LAB.

Anyway we make exceptions for instutitions that we want to support (like e.g. a hospital or a school, etc.) and persons who are honest, reliable and by heart want to support PAN LAB Vienna by buying handpans from us.

Visitation and try out

We are offering “visitations” (free) and also “trial lessons” (payment) via our new Onlinebookingsystem (only available in german at the moment).

You can get in touch with directly to schedule a date. Please just send you prefered dates.


-english translation coming soon-

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