PLV Dossier about vibrational modes

professional insights into the membranes physics

Chladni Patterns (Shellopan Video)

Matthieu Shellopan: “Here is a video showing how science can help the Handpan tuner. For each frequency corresponding to a mode of vibration, there are zones of the membrane of the note which are motionless and others which vibrate in resonance. The motionsless areas gather the sand and thus draw patterns called #Chladni figures’.”

Ding Waves (Mishte Video)

Marek Mishte: “Once tuner will find his way to tune steel surface, meaning that he know how to manipulate with basic three partials: fundamental, octave and fifth, on ding shoulder there are more frequencies to find (…)”


Modes of vibration and sound radiation from HANG (R)

Andrew Morrison & Thomas Rossing: “The HANG is a new hand-played steel instrument developed by PANArt in Switzerland. We describe the modes of vibration, observed by holographic interferometry and the sound radiation from the instrument observed by measuring the sound intensity in an anechoic room by the two-microphone method. A low-voice HANG is compared with a high-voice HANG.” 

Article (PDF Available) 




Vibrational Modes of a Circular Membrane

This work by Dan Russell is licensed under a Creative Commons

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importance of “Trial and Error”