Why was the Handpan, the Hang or also the Steelpan not developed much much earlier in human history?

Well. Who knows! But this very good question is maybe to be discussed in more detail in another PLV blogpost actually.

At the moment we are having fun at PAN LAB reconstructing famous quotes by some famous men and just fantasising about how they maybe would have spoke about this instrument in other epochs. So the following is purely fictional of course, despite we are putting quote signs, suggesting it is real quotes (sorry, and welcome to the meme world). Hoping you enjoy and we very much hope, nobody finds it inappropriate or insulting. Comments welcome at: getintouch@handpan.at

Pan appetit!



Fictional history of the Handpan condensed by paraphrased fake Quotes, presented in Memes at PAN LAB Vienna Website in 2019.