Tuning Service

and repairs

„tuning is an experience of complementarity“

For PAN LAB Pans

Instruments from PAN LAB are welcome for a retuning service with little lead time- you can send your prefered date via mail to office@pan-lab-vienna.at , you can call via phone/whatsapp +43 660 26 73 509 (Mo- Fr, 12-18:00) – or also use our online booking system to book a service date (german).

Please acknowledge: We do not offer automatically free tuning service but make individual arrangements (sometimes also free donation depending on many factors). As benchmark we estimate €50-200,- . A retuningservice is in a way also an „upgrade“ and we think this should have some value.

In a sense of best practice we do offer always free retuningservice in case you would like to sell your instrument!

PS. Our instruments are created in the first place in a highly focused atmosphere – and without any pressure – and we try to recreate this atmosphere also when maintaining instruments.

Tuning Service

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For other Handpan brands

If you feel your handpan is out of tune, we suggest to first of all ask the maker of your handpan to tune it, he/she knows the magic of your instrument like no one else.

If it is not possible, or you can not reach this person, you are welcome to fill out the form below and also suggest a desired date for an appointment, where we have a look at your handpan. If you are anyway in Vienna you can also book an appointment via the online booking system (only available in german). You can also call Thomas Ender via phone or Whatsapp +43 660 26 73 509 (Mo- Fr, 12-18:00)  and describe the problem and schedule an appointment directly.

Prices: please consider that each pan and each handpan brand is different. Some people buy very cheap and very bad handpans and speculate to find a tuner who will fix them for a cheap price. We dont do this anymore because it is not worth to ruin the tuners wrist with such a hard work. Anyway – there are many Handpan brands we do support with our tuning service, like for instance:


  • Handpans with with oval notes, tuned with octave and fifth, like for instance: Shellopan, Meraki, Instruments de l’Elf (Mayuko), Soulshine, Deepan,  Blesspan, Leaf, Yishama,…


  • Bellart, Vision,  Ravpan (not the tongue drum but the rav handpan), Bluepoint Steelharp, any kind of Stainless Steel and carbon Handpans with oval notes.


  • Terre/Meinl, Spacedrum , BaliSteelpan, Sunpan, Innersound, Raven, Djangar


Caisa („planetary“ scales) , cheap chinese fraud Handpans, any Handpans without Gu on the bottom side, Handpans which consist only out of dents and bumps.

@Tongue drums: not possible, sorry

@Hang (PANArt): very complex because of many reasons. Normally the anwser is no.

@Steelpan: no experience yet. Birgit would love to learn and is waiting for one which is very badly out of tune or even damaged. So if you have one please bring it – it try my best -for free!

Prices: We can meet you and look at your instrument for free. Then we discuss the details and estimated duration of repair and price with you in person. A good rule of thumbs estimation might be €150-300,-

Acknowledgement: You will have to sign a paper if you want us to repair your instrument, saying that we will not be accountable for any problems or even damage during retuning.

About our experience: So far experience is very good. We only accept instruments where we can see a high chance of positive experience, and of course we absolutley want that you are leaving the PAN LAB 100% happy.

Have you had an accident wit your handpan? It is possible that your insurance will cover the repair, you could ask them in advance. If we have to open the instrument and also take care of big accident bumps  higher costs should be estimated.