Tune yourself at the Free Flow Handpan & Music Gathering

Griaseich – Free Flow Handpan & Music Gathering 26-28.7.2019

Location: “Böllerbauer”, Güterweg Salaberg, 3350 Haag, Österreich

A 120kg heavy, professional Tuningstation (for Shellopan-size shells) will be set up by the PAN LAB Vienna Team in a room on location at Thursday 25 july. It will be available for selforganized ‘free flow’ usage by handpanmakers on thursday and friday (and maybe also sunday). Saturday the tuningstation is reserved for the project we call “Griaspan”, hosted and sponsored by Maker Birgit Pestal.


“GRIASPAN”: Learning by doing!

9 adult and self responsible people are invited by PAN LAB Vienna to try the tuning hammer- for free. A good chance to first touch the hammer, learn about the material and the difficulties. 

You are provided with a tuning station, linotune (tuningsoftware), hammers, ear protection. One shell with 8+1 notes is prepared by Birgit Pestal for D-Amara scale. Each participant gets one note for the first rawtuning. Maximum tuning time is 60 mins per person! 

I want you to have an outstanding lively experience but not to fill your brains with a trillion of theories and clues! This is your chance to follow the footsteps of the carribbean pioneers and just learn about the hammerwork by yourself! So if you need to be informed before your session, please inform yourself, watch tuning videos, visit maker websites, visit the PAN LAB tent and have a look at some literature, etc! The briefing by me on friday night for the participants will be very short! My phonenumber will be anyway visible in the room, in case you are lost with your note you can call me for help, i be arround and willing to do my best. 


Friday: Register & Briefing

Just throw your full name into the registrybox at PAN LAB tent during friday. 9 names will be picked randomly on friday at 7pm at the PAN LAB tent. We meet right away and walk together to the prepared tuning room. Briefing is about 20mins.

Everyone who is  professionally tuning steel will confirm that it seems highly impossible to teach you quickly how this art is done, so i will not even try to say too much! You will get a brief safety instruction about the usage of the tuningring and about the  hammers i will provide you with (We want to make sure you dont hurt yourself and neither crack the shell.) Anyway of course this process of Rawtuning is at your own risk (might cause addiction, paranoia, multidimensional enlightment, etc.)

Next day please find your way at your scheduled time yourself, enjoy your process and make sure you leave the room as you found it. Depending on the free flow of the festival Birgit – or maybe also other tuners – will be nearby- but the basic idea is that you checkin and checkout yourself, sort of passing the hammer to each other! If you feel like you are most welcome to give spoken or written Feedback at the PAN LAB tent (or also on FB).


Saturday: Timetable for the GRIASPAN Raw-lers

If your name is picked you will also get to know your note and therfore your tuning time.

D3 -Sat 10 am
A3- Sat 11 am
C4 Sat 12 pm
D4 Sat 1 pm
E4 Sat 2 pm
F4 Sat 3 pm
G4 Sat 4 pm
A4 Sat 5 pm
C5 Sat 6 pm

IMPORTANT: If you are having some sort of a deal with a professional tuner who is helping/teaching you during your session, that is wonderfully ok, but please respect: no other people should be in the room during your session, you really need to be focussed.


Saturday night: TUNER COUNCIL

I invite professional tuners to spend time together and fix the Griaspan shell. Can we create a playable instrument out of what has been done? We meet at 7pm at the Tuning Room and then have a look at the shell. Everyone who wants to help finishing rawtuning should get a try. Tuners who barely meet in real life and who want to exchange knowhow and watch each other tuning can use this chance. 



We keep it open what happens on sunday in the tuning room.

BTW: The Tuningstation and also the hammers will be available for direct sale. For details please ask at Pan Lab tent. 

Information about the Gathering /Location/Tickets:

German Info: 

We offer the GRIASPAN experience free of charge but do have some cost involved in this project for the shell, transport etc. And in fact we need to fix the roof of the house in Vienna before winter, the cost will be -shocking- €8000,-  and therfor really every donation is most welcome! There will be a donationbox at our tent.

Lets make a GRIASPAN


The tuningstation will be probably available for your free usage from Thursday afternoon on and all friday till 7pm and maybe also again on Sunday. Saturday is reserved for Griaspan only. We could put a paper on the door where you can just reserve your timeslot. 

According to the idea of “free flow” i leave it completly open how you/we want to make use of it. It might be a good chance to see each other tuning. 

IMPORTANT: If you want to make use of the oppurtunity in a way please bring a prepared shell in Shellopansize! I will most probably only be able to bring the Griaspan shell and another shell called “MHP”*.

PRIVATE DEALS: Maybe you want to make a deal with someone at the Gathering, who wants to rawtune? Go for it. You just need your own prepared shell.

* MHP: The “Men Healing Pan”, that some of you maybe already have heard of,  was rawtuned by 9 men during the last 3 weeks  at PAN LAB Vienna with a little help by me. This shell will be also at Griaseich and is waiting to be finalized by male tuner/s. This shell can be seen as an artefact for male healing intentions and will travel for male healing circles when finalized (Btw: production was free of charge and so will be the future of the finished instrument as well).