the seventh series – rounding it up

Rounding it up

The work in series with tibutes to historical characters comes to an end with this last one called “Signature”.

A Handpan is not finished when it leaves the workshop, it continues to be tuned in a way – by the players care and by the way how it is played.  Many of us are astonished how beautyful this instrument open up after being played a while. Some makers describe handpans like wine or cheese, which are ripening over time. So- Not only the maker but also the players are leaving their own signatures of energies to the structure and sound and overall feel.

In the end it is all about you and your personal story and relation with the instrument.

“Signature” is dedicated to the individual player. The title wants to remind us of the fact that we are leaving individual energetical and physical footsteps- in general as human beings- but also while playing an instrument. Its not only about what we do, but how we do it and what specific intention is behind it. Another title could have been “Intention”, but this word has become inflationary during the last years – like also the word “authenticity”- used by everyone nowadays also for marketing reasons – and maybe meaning not so much anymore. A signature on the other hand stands for your individual expression and also confirmation – the term seems much more neutral and concrete. With a signature you also underline the trustful quality of an agreement. Actually a signature is used to underline meaning.

At a glance
  • Custom orders are prefered for this series
  • Customers who visit PAN LAB can claim a so called “Tribute” discount, if they recently donated to a NGO of their choice and show us the receipt
  • For little extra cost custom-order Clients can schedule a date for their individual hammer experience
  • The portfolio of these instruments will be not posted one by one, like it was done in earlier series. 
Formal specifications of this series

The formal aspects of making changed again in some ways, compared to the last series:

  • Lightimprovement: The making areas have been renovated further- we got professional light now everywhere.
  • The shaping station got a new more powerful engine.
  • New hammers and other little tools are in use now.
  • New designs, new layouts, new soundmodels are upcoming.
  • Each instrument comes with a traditional label inside. A logbook is additionally handed out.
  • The new standard package includes a simple softcase, rimprotection, microfiber, oil, logbook
Option 1: donate for an NGO

Timely to your visit for buying an instrument at PAN LAB, just donate to an NGO of your choice. Show us your donation-receipt just before paying, so we can add the discount.

The double amount of your donation will be discounted. Maximum: €100,- (for a donation of €50,-)

Option 2: play for an NGO

You are a professional musician – and you like to play in public? We give you a discount of €100,- when buying an instrument – for one time playing for a good reason – at a charity /ngo of your choice. 

Please just send us a picture/video/ a little report of the event.


donation of your choice

Handpan – instruments still do not archieve to always reach the places, where they are probably most needed. But they seemingly do have certain power to unite what seems to be seperated – bringin people together – regardless of any borders or demographics. Anyway – the development and future-image of handpans will all depend on us – the makers and the players and the new structures and ideas, which we could actually freshly create. What a priceless and unparalleled chance to be innovative – for everyone who is keeping up the fascination for these instruments – or as we actually call them nowadays: “cognition amplifiers”. 

Our offering -if you accept- is, that you pay a donation to a NGO of your choice, showing us the receipt. The double amount will be discounted for your instrument, bought directly at PAN LAB (max. €100,-). This way we want to engage you to donate – and make a little difference.  We call this option “Tribute” (it is only available for the “Signature” series).

The DIY factor

Introducing the hammer: tune yourself

We had experiments at PAN LAB running with allowing customers to try to tune one note of their custom instrument- and it turns out this is actually possible. If you are interested in this option ask us for it.
This way we not only open a room for your self-experience with the hammer- but also make it possible for you to leave your own signature (in terms of dynamic hammerstrokes) in the instrument. To learn more about our DIY approaches you might want to check “Griaspan” or “M.H.P.” described in more detail here.

To schedule a date for your experience : We have a hidden link for online scheduling where we provide dates over the next 8 months –  that we only send to serious requests via mail. It is essential that you understand that this is for your self experience and most probably you will not be able to tune a harmonic note. Also it is impossible to learn the art in this little time. Anyway – with some help and introduction- you will be able to move the partials and get a good idea of this incredible work, which also can be very therapeutical for some of us – not despite it is challenging, but maybe rather because it is so much.

If you wish: Custom clients who participated at rawtuning of their instrument are welcome to sign the label of their instrument, which is attached inside.

Alternativley you can just participate a bit in other steps of the process. + If you like, ask us for the “glue it yourself” option. 

ARCHIVE (completed series)